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दान धर्माची बदललेली परिभाषा

नमस्कार! बरेच वेळा मनात विचार येतात पण लिहिण्याचा प्रयत्न पहिल्यांदाच करत आहे. तरी चूक भूल माफी असावी. आजकाल Whatsapp आणि Facebook यांच्यामुळे जग जवळ आले आहे, पण सगळ्याच गोष्टी share करण्याचा जणु छंदच लोकांना जडला आहे. अर्थात थोड्याफार प्रमाणात मी पण share करत असतो पण अगदी थोडक्या प्रमाणात. आता कोणी दानधर्म करत असेल तर तो पण यावर सर्रास Share केला जातो, मुळात दान याची वाख्याच लोक विसरत चालले आहे. याचीसुद्धा मार्केटिंग होऊ लागली आहे. मुळात दान हे निस्वार्थ भावनेने केले पाहिजे (असे दान ज्याला परताव्याची इच्छा नसते), जेव्हा लोक आपण दान करतो असा दाखवायचा प्रयत्न करतात मग ते facebook share असो किवां whatsapp status,post किवां इतर कोणतेही माध्यम याचा अर्थ असा कि दान करताना या लोकांनी मला प्रसिद्धी मिळेल किवां मी किती दानशुर आहे हे दाखवण्याची भावना मनात ठेवून केलेले दान होय. अशी परताव्याची भावना मनात ठेवून केलेले दान हे दान नसून व्यवहाराच नाही का? व्यवहारात जस आपण पैसे देऊन त्या बदल्यात वस्तू,सेवा खरेदी करतो, तसेच परताव्याचा विचार करून केलेले दान म्हणजे व्यवहाराच. असो माझे विचार
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A cookie wrapper class. Easily read, create, update and delete cookies in MVC

Create a new class with name CookieHelper.cs In your project and paste the following code. public class CookieHelper { #region Constants /// <summary> /// The cookie name /// </summary> public const string cookieName = "UserName"; #endregion #region Enums public enum EnumCookieInterval { SECOND = 0, MINUTE = 1, DAY = 2, MONTH = 3, YEAR = 4 }; #endregion #region Utilities /// <summary> /// Calculates the cookie lifetime. /// </summary> /// <param name="duration">The duration.</param> /// <param name="durationType">Type of the duration.Use enum to specify</param> /// <returns>Expire date for cookie</returns> private static DateTime CalculateCookieLifetime(int duration, Enum

A Helper Function Which Verifies An Uploading File is in Valid Image Format in MVC

In almost 90% of projects, we need to upload images to server and store them. In most cases, hackers try to exploit an image upload system and try to upload exploitable materials like webshells, some harmful scripts, table deletions scripts, etc. To prevent this, I have written one helper function which validates file in many conditions and makes sure the file is in correct image format. The code is not fully written by me, I researched many articles and filtered the conditions which helps us to validate the required output. /// <summary> /// Verifies that a uploading file is in valid Image format /// </summary> /// <author> /// Mayur Lohite /// </author> /// <param name="postedFile">File which is selected for upload</param> /// <param name="imageMinBytes">Minimum file size in byte</param> /// <param name="imageMaxBytes">

Why Interface For Decoupled System? A Note On How To Design Decoupled System in ASP.NET MVC

An Interface At first, interfaces came into focus because there was no multiple inheritance supported by C#, meaning you could not inherit from multiple classes, but you could implement multiple interfaces. The interfaces are grouping of object in terms of behavior. An interface contains only signatures. There is no implementation, only the signatures of the functionality the interface provides. An interface can contain signatures of methods, properties, indexers & events. Interface doesn't do anything like classes and abstract classes, it just defines what the class will perform if some class inherits it. An interface can also be inherited from another interface. If we take an example of USB (Universal Serial Bus), it's an interface which has signature of Connection functionality. The USB interface only knows I have to connect with Desktop Computer or laptop or anything, but it does not know what implementation will come to connection. It may be Pen d

Generic Repository Pattern MVC

The good architecture is at the heart of any project. The developer is always looking for great architecture that reduces repetitive code and separates the Data Access and Business Logic. So we will be creating our generic repository using ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework. If you don’t know about Entity Framework, please click here to get started with Entity Framework. So before getting started with repository pattern, firstly we have to understand what is the repository pattern? and why we want it? Repository and Unit of Work Pattern In simple words, repository means, the abstraction between your Data Access and Business Logic layers which will very useful for unit testing or test-driven development (TDD). By using repository, your system will be more loosely coupled. In programming terms, we have to create one interface for each repository or entity. e.g. Student entity has One interface ( IStudentInterface ) in which all methods are declared like Insert , Update , Delete , Ge

Check Session Timeout by Using ActionFilters in MVC

In a dynamic web application, the session is crucial to hold the information of current logged in user identity/data. So someone without authentication cannot have access to some Page or any ActionResult , to implement this kind of functionality, we need to check session exists (is not null ) in every action which required authentication. So, the general method is as follows: [HttpGet] public ActionResult Home() { if(Session["ID"] == null) return RedirectToAction("Login","Home"); } We have to check the above 2 statements each time and in each ActionResult , but it may cause 2 problems. Repeat Things : As per the good programming stranded, we don't have to repeat the things. Create a module of common code and access it multiple times/repeatedly Code missing : We have to write code multiple times so it might happen some time we forget to write code in some method or we missed it. How To Avoid? The ASP.NET MVC provides

How To Create Custom HTML Helper in ASP.NET MVC? Here Is The Way.

In this article, I will explain how to create a custom HTML helper as per your requirement. If you know the MVC and Helpers already, you can skip the next paragraph and if you don't know, here is an explanation about helpers. What are HTML Helpers in MVC? An HTML helper is a method that is used to render the specified html content in View. It can be implemented as an extension method. If you know the ASP.NET webforms, you might know the concept of web controls. e.g. <asp:TextBox /><asp:label /> If you use these controls in web form on browsers, they will converted to their equivalent HTML controls like TextBox will be <input type="text" /> and label will be <span></span> HTML helpers methods are the same as web controls it allows to render appropriate HTML in view. Let's take an example of how HTML helper looks like: @Html.TextBox("Myname","Mayur Lohite") This HTML helper will render the following HTML